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The Near Future Teaching project is about working together to co-design a future for digital education at Edinburgh based in the values of our students and staff.

We ask how teaching at The University of Edinburgh should be designed over the coming decades, as technology, social trends, patterns of mobility, new methods and new media continue to shift what it means to be at university.

This website surfaces as much information about the project method, outputs and recommendations as possible, to be transparent about how we are going about this piece of work, and to allow others to draw on what we have done for similar exercises.

Throughout the 2017/18 academic year we ran a series of workshops, think-tanks, interviews and other activities both online and off with the aim of drawing together the views of students and staff to help design a future for our teaching based on the big ideas, values and visions of those who have a stake in it. All our events have been documented in our blog.

We have also produced a series of thematic videos which summarise the topics and issues most discussed by our community. And we wrote two short reviews summarising the key trends we need to account for. We are now working with Santini and Zoe at the agency andthen to synthesise all of this – the documentation that has been developed to help make our work usable will be available very shortly. We are now entering a period of consolidation, testing and sharing with the aim of completing our work and reporting on our final vision by the end of 2018.

Follow us on social media or drop us an email to arrange to talk to us, or to share your thoughts, ideas and questions.