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Thursday, 18 January, 2018 - 18:00 to 20:00
IAD Resource Room B.09


All those with an interest in Veterinary Medicine are invited to help shape the future of teaching at Edinburgh in this Think Tank session. Your voices will directly inform how we design and grow digital education at the University of Edinburgh.

What will the future of teaching vets at the University of Edinburgh look like? Will teachers, or dissection subjects for that matter, become virtual rather than physical entities? Connectivity reduces the need for us to be ‘on campus’, while the growth of distance education raises questions about the value of having a campus at all. In the face of data and computationally-driven social change, what values should drive the way we teach and learn?

Come along to debate and inform the future of teaching, and join us for some pizza and beer (and non-alcoholic beverages)!


Brief provocations will be delivered by:


Dr Catriona Bell: No more lectures, more time to think

Dr Jeremy Knox: Competition, analytics and student league tables - an imagined future

Dr Erin Williams: Getting rid of the bodies – cadaver free anatomy teaching


Prof Susan Rhind will introduce and set the challenge: how would you design the future of veterinary teaching?


We will ask you to consider these provocations in groups, and produce collective responses to share during the final part of the session.  



1800-1900 Presentations from speakers and challenge setting

1900-1930 Consultation sessions

1930-2000 Group responses