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As part of the Near Future Teaching project we have developed two short reviews which attempt to summarise what we see as the key trends and influences likely to be shaping digital education in universities over the short to medium term. In writing them, we have focused on aligning the analysis of key trends with the insights coming out of our work with the students and staff who constitute the university. While there are plenty of megatrend reports, horizon scanning documents, key trends barometers, policy documents and foresight analyses out there which have helped us, we have focused on maintaining a critical edge which looks at what the impact of current technological and educational trends might be on students, staff, communities and the universities in which we work.


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Future Teaching Trends: Education and Society

This review partners with Future Teaching trends: science and technology, providing a short overview of the global societal shifts likely to impact on education over the coming few decades, in order to inform the Near Future Teaching project. It is not a comprehensive review: rather it highlights a few key areas we feel are of particular relevance.

 Future Teaching Trends: Science and Technology

This review partners with Future Teaching trends: education and society, highlighting the technological trends likely to have significant implications for the future of higher education over the medium term, and those we should attend to in thinking about near future teaching. This is not a comprehensive review of technological shifts, but rather a brief overview of a few areas chosen for their potential high impact.