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Value Cards

The value cards are the result of a further analysis of the opinion cards into broader thematic groupings representing the core values being expressed in the data. The 19 opinion cards that were created from the interviews and insights from staff and students over 2017-2018 were grouped into indicative values central to the University of Edinburgh. These value cards are critical to the Near Future Teaching project as it is designed to co-design a future for digital education at Edinburgh based in the values of our students and staff.

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Value 1: Experience Over Assessment

Learning should not be over-assessed and instrumentalised. Teaching should share a focus on employability and success with an understanding of the value of rich experience, creativity, curiosity and – sometimes – failure.       

Value 2: Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity enhances education by exposing learners to diverse perspectives and experiences. However, financial barriers lower accessibility to education; students are living under debt and increasingly high living and course costs, while many staff face precarity due to zero-hour contracts or poverty wages. Where possible, education should be inclusive and promote forms of diversity.

Value 3: Relationships First

Relationships, dialogues and personal exchanges between students and staff build understanding in a way that transmissive forms of teaching can’t.

Teaching should be designed to provide the time and space for proper relationships and meaningful human exchange.

Value 4: Participation and Flexibility

The university community should cooperatively shape how – and what – it learns and teaches. Flexibility for individuals, fluency across disciplines and cooperative responsibility for curricula should shape near future teaching.