Aim: digital education that is lifelong, open and transdisciplinary.


  • Building a culture of lifelong learning.
  • Supporting teaching which transcends disciplines.
  • Committing to openness. Connecting to the city and region.

Short- to medium-term actions

  • Promote and support initiatives which open
    up our education to broad, diverse groups of learners, in the form of high quality, affordable online accredited programmes, open courses, micro-credentialing and continuing professional learning.
  • Build capacity for individuals to develop a lifelong relationship with the University regardless of their geographical location or career stage, via open and digital education.
  • Make it easy for local people to be part of the university community through informal as well as formal learning.
  • Invest to develop transdisciplinary, university-wide courses in key areas, bringing together the best of our online and on-campus teaching.
  • Continue to develop codesign methodologies to build student and partner agency in curriculum and learning space design.
  • Open all course content to all enrolled students and continue to develop and support existing work in open education.