Aim: digital education with the University community at its heart.


  • Prioritising human contact and relationships.
  • Connecting our community of scholarship in new and diverse ways.
  • Committing to technology which makes the University accessible and welcoming.

Short- to medium-term actions

  • Put the student and staff experience at the centre of educational technology development, decision-making and procurement.
  • Invest in technology futures which help us build and diversify communities of learners in new ways, with a particular focus on social technology horizon scanning, staff development and support.
  • Provide easily accessible training to staff
    and students focused on social media skills specifically for teaching, and develop support frameworks for those experiencing toxicity, trolling and victimisation online.
  • Use technology to build relationships between students and staff based on trust, resisting logics of surveillance and unnecessary monitoring.
  • Invest in technologies which offer new ways for remote and off-campus students to be part of the community.
  • Accompany these with innovative, cross-discipline community building approaches including peer pairing based on shared interests and geographies.
  • Continue to support and further build existing networks for digital education staff to share experience and practice.
  • Develop and support digital methods and pathways for building greater engagement with the alumni community.