Playful and experimental

Aim: enabling creative, academic and student-led R&D for digital education.

  • Confidently opening our teaching practice to technological change.
    Being energetic in designing new, creative ways of teaching digitally.
  • Using our academic expertise to develop and scale up new forms of digital education.
  • Making access to technical development expertise easier for staff and students.

Short- to medium-term actions

Invest to give academics more time to be creative and risk-taking in their use of digital education.

Provide teaching staff and students with central access to programmers and developers for joint prototyping and trialling of new ways of doing digital education. Support associated pedagogic research through the Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme and other channels.

Support staff and students to scale up and spin out digital education ideas and applications.

Extend existing media production facilities and makerspaces into new areas such as biohacking.

Fund a cross-institutional programme of work to scope and develop new virtual and augmented realities for teaching.