Aim: education which recognises that technology is fully embedded in daily life.


  • Reworking the concept of ‘contact time’ to reflect contemporary practice.
  • Breaking down the boundaries between on and off campus.
  • Rethinking what it means to be ‘here’ at Edinburgh.
  • Offering more flexible ways to be part of the University community.

Short- to medium-term actions

  • Define and embed a re-worked understanding of ‘contact time’ into workload models and course descriptors, which takes account of student mobility, distance education and flexible patterns of study.
  • Continue to invest in programmes of work which open our teaching and community to new cohorts of students online and globally, including technologies for increased telepresence for students working off-campus.
  • Plan for the introduction of technological capacity to teach online and on-campus students together in joint cohorts.
  • Use our capacity and understanding of distance education to open our teaching in new ways to on-campus students, putting student-focused flexibility at the heart of our offer.
  • Ensure all staff have the baseline skills needed for a good student experience of digital education (for example the ability to upload slides, to record lectures, to design effective visuals, to tackle accessibility issues, to provide electronic reading lists).